Autokross: Tere, Estonia! Laba diena, Lietuva!

Viesturs Saukāns  06.04.2013 09:14 0

Attention for drivers who are getting ready for NEZ Cup and Baltic Cup race in Smiltene! LAF Cross commission and the organizer informs that entries for April 28 race in Smiltene must be sent no later than April 19, as mentioned in Supplementary Regulations. After this date drivers will be accepted for the race, but they will lose participation in Official Time keeping Practice!

Entry Form here (NO LATER THAN APRIL 19!!!)

Supplementary Regulations here

Entry List here

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Vecpils, Vecpils autotrase, 16.06.2018.

Folkreisa Vasaras kauss, 2. posms

Krosa komisijas autokrosa kauss, 7. posms

SK Vecpils B600 kauss, 1. posms


B600 Kausa nolikums

Pieteikums - FR

Pieteikums - komanda

Pieteikums - KKK

Pieteikums - B600

Dalībnieki FR (41)

Dalībnieki KKK (12+1)

Dalībnieki B600 (5)